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Languages - Linkmeet language university

The idea with those pages is:

1) To collect the best links to other pages about how to learn a language (for someone that knows English well).

2) To write something better than what can be found elsewhere.

3) To have plenty of soundfiles (Ask [hedda] for permission and you can upload them here) made by native speakers.

4) To make a close connection between "teachers" and the students.

Each language has its wiki-page and subpages. Discuss your language on your language-page.


Elftown has some pages, but the quality vary:

Don't be afraid to add something, if you have something to write!

Danish (empty)
English (empty)
French (empty)
Italian (empty)

Username (or number or email):


2005-12-23 [Czestawa]: Awe no Russian or Ukraine.

2005-12-23 [Nita]: Feel free to add them :)

2005-12-24 [ghost]: Can I add Japanese and Mandarin Chinese?

2005-12-24 [ghost]: I don't speak Mandarin, but I have many friends who do, and they are teaching me, so I could put stuff up as I learn it.

2005-12-24 [Nita]: Sure :)

2006-01-10 [hedda]: Mmmmm, Hungarian! Makes me hungry!

2006-01-10 [Nel├║ril]: (Well pull my ears and call me donkey...) How original... would you like some Turkey?

2006-01-19 [gez]: More Asian languages would be good, i think, esp. Japanese!

2006-01-19 [hedda]: Get a writer from Asia here then! ;-)

2006-03-11 [kittykittykitty]: I recently started learning Japanese, so maybe I could add something... getting sound files would be a problem though as I don't have a mic

2006-03-12 [hedda]: You can post some links to the best learning sites. That is probably more useful than hearing your beginner's Japanese...

2006-03-13 [kittykittykitty]: :P I'm using books anyway, though if I come across any useful sites I'll add them

2006-06-13 [The Wolf]: Hey, I made a head for the Spanish wiki <img:>. Can I make some for the rest of the languages?

2006-06-13 [The Wolf]: Ah, what the hell... *goes for it, deciding in case she gets spanked, it's worth it ;)*

2006-06-15 [kittykittykitty]: Lovely ^_^

2006-06-25 [hedda]: I uploaded them to Linkmeet. I don't accept images not uploaded to Linkmeet on official pages as those images disappear now and then.

2006-07-05 [Child of God]: Hey guys. I was thinking of starting a wiki called Linkmeet Academia and was wondering if you would mind me linking this page?

2006-07-05 [hedda]: Of course not. You can link to any page as you want.

2006-07-07 [Child of God]: Coolness ^-^

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