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[hedda] has a great amount of photos from here in his presentation.

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HOWTO upload a photo-album

1) Go to your house
Press "Upload a folder or image"

2) Write a new unique wiki-page name (example: "karna")

3) Upload a ZIP-file (How to create a zip-file) with the photos and you'll get a page on www.linkmeet.com/_karna that you can add comments on and show your friends - even non-members.

From: hedda
2006-07-03 14:11:23

This is the mainstreet of Linkmeet.

Welcome to Linkmeet, the international community for students.

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Major upgrade!

As you notice, the site is quite different now. You can read all about the updates on Updates 2008-07-12 and write your suggestions for further improvements there.

Date: 2008-07-12 20:52:09
News #: 31
Reporter: hedda
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Beaver poetry competition

After a long time of voting, Winner; Beavers! by [Blaithin] is declared winner of the Beaver poetry competition.

Presentation-colours, as nice poem beaver and eternal glory have been granted him.

Date: 2006-11-28 12:07:22
News #: 26
Reporter: hedda
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