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Linkmeet is an international student community. To become a member, you have to submit a well written presentation, so there are no "hi wuz ur nam?"-people here.


<img:> Free Registration and Usage

<img:> Zero Popups

<img:> Minimal Advertisement

<img:> A customizable profile

<img:> Internal Messaging

<img:> Image storage and upload

<img:> A simple to use advanced wiki - A content-handling system with version and access control

<img:> Watching capabilities so that you get notified when something that you are interested in is updated.

<img:> Forums

<img:> Photo/Image Gallery. See [hedda] and [Faƫry]'s presentations for good examples of photo-pages.

<img:> Links to members with similar interests

<img:> Searchable wikis, members, forum

<img:> Member Polls

<img:> World map generator by location

<img:> Creation of relations for networking and easily sharing of private content

<img:> Private, internal or external web blog/diary

<img:> Guestbook

<img:> Safe and secure site, no bot sniffers, email sniffers, spam, secret javascript programs, etc.

<img:> 24 Hour Moderation for content problems, unruly members, etc. Temporary and permanent banning protocols.

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