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"The Hungarian language is a Finno-Ugric language spoken in Hungary and in the adjacent states of Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, and Slovenia (to all of which Hungary lost territory after World War I). The Hungarian name for the language is magyar [ˈmɒɟɒr]."
- source: Wikipedia (

Hungarian is hard to learn, because there is no other language similar to it. The closest related language is Finnish, but to be honest, Finns and Hungarians don't understand eachother when both are using their own language.
Hungarian has a grammar partly similar to turkish, so Turkish people have an advantage to others in learning this language. (I know this from my own experience; I lived in Turkey for 2 years)

I've also heard from several people that Finnish and Hungarian are the basis for the Elven language. I'm not so sure if this is true, but apart from the sounding of it, I didn't notice any similarities between Elven and Hungarian in Lord of the Rings :)

I tried to find some useful sites and came up with two, eventually:

- for beginners:
Some links are out-dated here, but I took a few minutes to examine the page and thought it could be useful.

- for those who can already speak Hungarian at some level
The owners of the site claim that you can develop your skills by talking with people from Hungary. Of course, you can always message me ([Nelúril]), and I'll gladly help you getting your grammar straight, teaching you Hungarian slang, etc.

If this is useful to at least one person, then it was worth creating :)

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