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Czestawa (A lot has changed)

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Easter 2007


My character

Hi, My name is Jess, I hope I have all the information that anyone could ever want, here.

<img:> <img:>
(my cat Margurite)
My cat Grace, she is a crazy cat, runs all over the house, and loves to climb up on my bunk bed just to get to me. She very afectionate and playful, shes not declawed so becareful playing with her, they are very sharp. With that moe hawk on her head shes definetly a punk with attitud.

My other side: I have long brown hair and always wear a black trench coat. I have brown misterius eyes. I am kind, sexy, and very bad when it comes to guys. So becareful around me. Oh and one more thing, I love my husband, so I may play but I will never be yours, unless you adopt me as a pet. hee hee.

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This is just one of the songs I have writen.

This day is so intreaging, I have gone to a new place. I found my best friend in the place where I belong. But things are changing and things won't be the same, people leaving and never gonna stay. Help me please understand why, you always have to leave me here on my own and all alone......................

Times have changed am I here beside you, thinking of those good times when we were all together. Back then life was great and now its all gone, so why is everyone so far away. Family is close yet not close at all, you are all not here............. but I will hold you in my heart.

Love has found me and I am pleased with love, stay with me always this love that is given to me. Please don't go away, don't leave me here alone, stay with me always this love that was brought to me. I love you always this love I have found, I will stay with you always me love.

-Jessica Szczurek

Heres another.

I wish I could tell you all the things you do when I'm around you. You drive me crazy with the words you say, you make me fly when you say you love me too. Oh....... This, I love it to be real and never let it fall to the depths of unfair. I can be your and you could be mine, but I just have one thing you must know from me. Hunny loving man of mine I love you to bits, you make me feel so loved and you don't even try. I love you and now you want me, and now you say you love me more. The day comes and I say I do, it all makes sence to be close to you always.... always... forever my love.
-Jessica Szczurek


My Halloween costume I made.

Amanda drew me, I colored it.

I love my God and Savior, I love to sew, dance, sing, play, write songs, draw, watch movies, Queen of the Damned, Ever After, Sleeping Beauty, The Fifth Element, TV, Charmed, Pokemon, Guiding light, Gilmore girls, Smallville, True calling, Joan of Arcadia, Roswell, Disney, I love Vampires, make believe, and making friends. I have two cats, Grace and Margurite. I have two brothers and three sisters. A nephew and three neices. 

Age: 26Year of birth: 1982Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 5

Gender: female

Study program: Theater

Student status: On a break


Origin: USA

Origin place: I'm originally from Philly, Pa. but now I'm in Tx.

Place of living: Waco, Huntsville

Known languages

adult popalternativegoth
new ageprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
boardgamescard gamescats
role playingsingingsewing
soap operasshoppingtheatre

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

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