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kittykittykitty (<img:img/mood/126_1125175727.gif> Beaver Poetry Submissions)

Member #662 created: 2006-01-09 16:17:46Simple URL:   

Name: Sarah, but you can call me kitty :3


Image missing.

Anything interesting to say?
Maybe... read it and find out! ;)

I have a beautiful black kitty called Noodles, who is so adorable I just have to mention her ^_^

I have a love of learning, and I never want to stop teaching myself new things ^__^ I want to share knowledge with others and be taught new things, which is why I love the internet so much :)

I have studied Philosophy, Psychology, Music and Maths at A-Level. I also studied for a National Diploma in Animal Management ^_^

I love art and I love to draw. I also have a passion for the piano and many aspirations in what I want to learn.

Writing isn't my forte, but it didn't stop me from entering the Beaver Poetry Competition!!
Seriously, mine rocks >.>

Haven't I seen you before?
Maybe :P I hang around a few other heddate sites, which I'll not go into detail about here ;)

I like to help out :3 If you think I can or can't help you with something, just try me ;D

Oh, and if you know how to use the forums, I award you with the stunning badge XD Ya gotta love it ^^ Feel free to take!

<img150*0:img/image/662_1137602661.jpg>   <img150*0:img/image/662_1137602448.jpg>

And if I don't know how to use the forums?
Well, what're you waiting for? :P


Age: 19Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 21

Gender: female

Study program: Philosophy, Mathematics, Psychology, Music, Animal Management

Student status: On a break

Origin: United Kingdom

Place of living: Lancashire

Known languages


Other interests
card gamescatschasing the preferred sex
pornreligionrole playing

Height: 168

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