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ESN stands for Erasmus Student Network. See

Photos from Linköping

The home-page for the ESN in Linköping is:

For older photos, see ESN.old or [hedda]'s presentation.

These are mostly photos from Tuesdays on Herrgårn, but also some corridor parties and such. They are generally free to use where ever you want, but it's nice if you tell me if you use them.

Photos Spring 2008 and forward:

esn54, Christian, esn55, esn56, esn57, esn58, esn59, esn60, Friday esn61, esn62, pornparty (Friday 2008-02-29), esn63, Twinparty (Friday 2008-03-07), esn64, vg37 (Ättestupan Thursday 2008-03-14), esn65 (Friday 2008-03-14), esn66 (Friday 2008-21), esn67 (Instead of HG Tuesday), esn68, FörDömD2008, DömD2008, DömDfinal2008, DömDparty2008, esn69, esn70, esn71 (Saturday@RA3), esn72esn73, esn74 (Last Tuesday spring 2008), fat2008 (Last Saturday on Herrgårn spring 2008).

Photos autumn 2008 and forward:

esn77 (No flash), esn78 (BBQ), esn79, esn80, esn81, esn82 (Good photos from the Swedish games evening).

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2006-12-06 [hedda]: Katrine has taken some pictures too:

2007-02-11 [hedda]: texmex2007 has some bonus photos from this Saturday. For Gonzalo...

2008-03-04 [hedda]: I'm now trying to write Facebook links like [@fb577212311], so that people can actually be found here. Just bring your love interest to my camera and we'll hopefully have a working Facebook link of it soon. <img:dand-gif.gif>

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