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Ättestupan, Västgöta Nation Thursday 2008-03-13.
Jakob, the money guy.
Michael the information gay.
David the Bartender/Pub-boss.
Alexander the NH-boss responsible for our commitment to the wardrobe on NH.
Lilith, the member-Göthe (Medlemsgöte). She's responsible for the members and they love her for it.
The accountant. Boring guy with no life and only a love of numbers. (Other photos must be lying)
The accountant number 2. Boring guy with no second life and only a love of numbers. (Other photos must be lying)
Michael, Peter, Tore (with Janice on his lip), Jacob and Max.
Big mean evil boss 1Q Annette.
The party squirrel. The soul of Västgöta.
OK, then he had too much and passed out. More on party squirrel
Lotta punching Max in the face and Linus watches happily.
Olle, the secretary of the glorious nation of Västgöta.
Peter and Tore looking way more normal than usual.
And that would be Alexander.
Don't you see some similarities here:
Jana (Slovak) and Blanka (Czech).
Red wine isn't safe!
[Discus] showing his body and speed.
Blanka with a huge smile.
Daniel phoning Annette and harassing her just because he's drunk.
Don't buy 21-century things from this guy!
Max going home?
Andreas is missing his...
But the bartender is always happy to serve! At Ättestupan, Ryd, Linköping, Sweden, Earth, Milky Way.

More on vg and maybe ESN

/ [hedda]

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