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Herrgårn Tuesday 2008-05-13
Guy, Gustav and Kim
Gustav sees a camera.
Joel looking serious.
Guy, girl, Aurelijus [@fb1006726554] and girl.
Mélanie, Philippe [@fb1070367873], Irene and Aymeric [@fb771477581]
Erik and eh... Greek lady.
Milicia and blurry Hedda.
And again.
Andreas and where the fuck did my notes go, because I noted that!
Girl accidentally passing by while I was taking a photo of Jafer.
People and Alessia from Rome.
The guy in Swedish t-shirt is going home! Tequila good-bye!
Max [@fb660964785] is here finally! He had won way too much money.
Jana and someone.
Jerrit [@fb1146908980], Carla [@fb535686050] and Florian [@fb1010980893]
Dita and Karolina [@fb1023325927].
Alexis (and Hedda)
Laundry room party again!
Sheila, Karin and guys.
Victoire and Margot at a French afterparty on RV252Bx.
Must be a French dance.
Oupps, I accidentally brought two more French guys to the party while trying to go home!
Very nice shoes! I want some! (Not necessarily related to the shoes...)
Some singing.
And some dancing.
Vegemite! Illegal in 50 states! Tasted like beer actually. Not as bad as expected. I've had worse.

In case anyone doesn't know what it is: It's from Australia. And you don't want to know exactly what it is.

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