2008-03-14 02:47:10
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Esen [@fb684117104]
Derya and Ezgi [@fb625936879]
Duygu [@fb606267914]
Duygu taking a photo with Cagatay's camera.
Cagatay and Caglar
Mehmed drinking as usual...
[hedda] looking way too happy with Derya.
Duygu and Ezgi [@fb625936879]
Blond and Sena.
Dance floor.
Old man and newborn medical student.
Sandrine and Nick again (See Christian)
That would be a guy and Jelena trying to close her eyes like [Olle]. Sorry about the bad timing on the camera, but it's really old and you do look great even with closed eyes.
And that is the 4711th try to take a picture. Sometimes the ancient slow camera and the guy behind it just have no sense of timing. It's usually better when I'm very drunk and take pictures of people when they don't notice...
Outside of HerrgÄrn

/ [hedda]

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2008-02-06 Jelena :): HI :)
You are the best ;) thanks for photoes :) and your camera is not old ;) COOL photoes :)
jelena (i am "fanntuk" in skype :) see U ;)

2008-02-06 [hedda]: My camera is actually about 7 years old, so it's very old. It was an extremely expensive camera at that time though.

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