2008-05-07 01:02:39
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Herrgårn Tuesday 2008-05-06 International evening.
Girl and Michaela [@fb553451383] from Austria.
Pontus and friend.
Hi there... Beer!
För att vi kan...
Egle [@fb1031809381] and Jelena [@fb1048735071]
Dimitris, Bulgarian guy and Sina [@fb618677112]
Slovak guy and Henriett
Manuel, Slovak guy, Heni and Erik.
[hedda] and the poor Lina caught in the crossfire.
Marcel from Rwanda and Anna.
I was forced to take this picture of a "love-couple", but I don't see that much love.
Stafan showing that even a great looking beard can be made looking strange by a face.
Fredrik is not there with Sara...
Sergej is trying to teach us some Russian.
Jerrit [@fb1146908980] and Johan.
Hedda and Alfred, the Austrian who speaks very good Swedish.

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