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How to create a zip-file

Please note that in your house at "Upload a folder of images" (<URI:upload_zip.html>) you can also upload a single image without the hazzle of creating a zip-file.

A ZIP-file is a compressed archive that may contain many files. The reason to upload a ZIP-file is that you can upload a set of photos with just one action. And then you'll automatically get a wiki-page created for them.

Under Windows XP

Right-click on the folder that contains the photos that you want to export. Select "Move to compressed folder". This will create a ZIP-file in the current folder.

Note: Internet Explorer might have a problem with uploading huge files! Try to download an Opera or a Firefox ( ) if you want to upload bigger archives!

Under older Windows

You have to have WinZIP or a similar program. Read the documentation for that.

Under Mac

No idea...

Unix, MacOS-X, Linux and so on

tar-files are also accepted. Open a shell and do:
 $ cd /where_your_photos_are/
 $ tar -cvf my_photo_dir.tar my_photo_dir/

(If you really want a ZIP-file, you can use the zip-program if you have it.)

And that will create the file my_photo_dir.tar that will contain everything in my_photo_dir/.

(This can of course also be done on Windows with <i>tar installed)</i>

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