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Western State College of Colorado

Gunnison, CO 81413

(970) 943-2101 or toll free at (800) 876-5309



The first snow 2005. There is now almost 2 feet of snow on campus.

Mascot: Mountaineers (Mountain Men)
Colours: Slate and Crimson (Black and Red)

Ok now that we are past some of the technical info I want to give you my point of view on this little mountian resort...

The classes here are awesome. They are small... about 30-40 people at the most, and the teachers are really into what they do. If you will make an effort, they will make sure you get whatever you need to succeed. At Western, as a student you are neither a statistic nor a paycheck, you are a person, you are a student, you are worth the time. This is a place where you will know all of your professors on a first name basis. You WILL run into your teacher in walmart and city market.

The Campus is also great. There are many activities to do on and off campus. Our Wilderness Pursuits Team puts on outdoors activities, such as rock climbing hiking kyaking ice climbing and much more, and you can also rent equiptment from them to go out on your own for very cheap. We also have program council which puts on movies and dances and such for the students. This year we have had comedians, hypnotists, lots of movies, and a formal ball just to name a few things that I personally have attended.

The other students are pretty nice too. I dont think I have seen any clics or anything of that nature yet. Everyone is really nice, lessen its like 30 below out and then no one wants to uncover their nose to say Western is however a hippie town. Lots of people come to Western for environmental studies. Another big area is the Educational Department which is one of the best I hear.

The food leaves a lot to be desired however. I have gained the freshman 15 since I started. But that is what happens when it is all you can eat chocolate and burgers and such... just dont eat their rendition of chinese food... Keating isnt good at

But anyways, over all I would give Western an A+ if I had the opportunity to rate it.... go check out the website for more tech info...

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2005-12-23 [disasterous intentions]: Im working on the page... Ill get it done soon I promise

2005-12-24 [dizzyangeljo87]: So this sites helps u get into college?

2005-12-25 [disasterous intentions]: nah just telling you a little about it.... but if someone is interested I want them to know where to go... It is a great place to be...the professors are really into teaching.... in the classes you are actually a person instead of a paycheck....

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