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Links for Linköping students

This is a collection of useful links that might not be that easy to know about. I'll try to make this list short and remove things like (See Linköpings universitet for photos though!) but I'll not get mad at you if you add a link here.


To buy and sell student-stuff and apartment-related things is pretty good. An undependent Linköping student paper. In Swedish of course.

Anslagstavlan with people selling and buying stuff: - What is happening in Linköping (in Swedish)

Pubs and stuff (Linkmeet-info and photos on Herrgårn)
The students' building in Linköping is called Kårallen.

Skytte-C is a house a little south of the university, east of Lambohov.

How to order pizza: (local) or (Entire Sweden)

restauranger (Swedish) A list of restaurants
bastu i Ryd (Sauna in Ryd)


About Ryd,Linköping

A map over Ryd:

And Valla-rondellen on Google:,15.588&spn=0.005139,0.007918&t=k&;hl=en

Times when shops and other things are open in Ryd:


Photos from Ryd and the University: ryd_universitetet_hg_bastuviken
Also look at the huge list of photos in [hedda]'s presentation.

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