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Welcome to Linkmeet Graphics

Here is a place where artists can donate graphics they have created for free use, for other students and academics on Linkmeet to personalize their house pages or wiki's, so please feel free to donate.



LMG Dividers - Dividers and so forth
LMG Bullets - More interesting than ordinary bullets!
LMG Welcome Mats - For Your House
LMG Pretty Things - To make Linkmeet randomly prettier (Also Known As Misc...)
LMG Mood Icons - For your every Mood.
LMG Words - Words.
LMG Banners - Banners for LM
LMG Buttons - Buttons
LMG Stylesheets - Change everything!

REMINDER: Please remember when donating art to put it in the correct catagory and follows the uploading art rules

Related Wiki's

If you have donated more than 20 pieces of art, it would be much appreciated if you made your own page containing your work and have it posted up here so the individual wiki's don't become oversized.

Firenze's Bits and Bobs

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2005-12-27 [Deladreing]: Looks far more better than it did love

2005-12-27 [Firenze]: Thanks ^_^

2005-12-27 [Deladreing]: v.welcome

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