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The Rules

Here you can read the requirements you have to accept and consider when displaying (either by uploading or by using LinkMeet pseudo-HTML for images hosted elsewhere) any art item (or other copyrighted image/writing) in your house .

What is not allowed in your house.

You may not have images that aren't yours in your house! The detailed list::

A) Celebrity/Band images (may be allowed if it was a photo taken with you in it, or if you can prove that it's a free image that you are allowed to alter and has been altered "significantly")

B) Movie/Game screenshots. Generally you're free to display it only if you've created the art in it, like skins (Be sure to explain exactly what you have done though!).

C) Pornographic images or images depicting extreme violence. Almost nude and nude images of minors not allowed.

D) Random images found elsewhere like funny pictures, images of cars you like etc.

E) Copyrighted art that is not by you, and manipulations of such.

F) Quiz images from and such that include copyrighted images.

G) Animated images that have not been created by you are not ok and may be taken off without a warning. We do not want to see tons of little animations in your house, even if those images are free to use.

H) A collage of images, if they contain any of the above.

I) Wiki banners containing any of the above

You may not inline images(animated or not) from other websites, as your mood.Such mood images will be deleted immediately.

Any such image found in your house may be deleted without a warning. This is not a site for random pictures that you found on the net, this is a site about the people behind their own art.

This also means that if you steal any of the LinkMeet official title badges, you may be banned immediately.

The LinkMeet Crew may remove without warning any images that conflict with the general style for LinkMeet. We will not have a trial for every image and you have no rights to demand that we should host your images. If you're a well known artist, excuse us for not believing you at first.

What you may display in your house.

You may display the following images in your house:

A) Artwork you have created yourself .This includes drawings, paintings, sculptures, photos and manipulations of these (if the original was by you, or you have the permission for it. Generally no permission is required for stock photos but please leave a link to the original.)

B) Art that you have commissioned, or have the permission to use (It still have to have something to do with you, and uploading the same stuff that is on another site is no use. Write a link instead!). In this case, please add the following:

- A statement saying it is not done by yourself
- The name of the original artist or copyright owner with the copyright symbol ©
- The title of the art piece or concept with a trademark message/sign ™ when the art concept use is trademarked.
- A link to the website of the original artist or copyright owner. This normally is an art gallery, or the official website of the copyright owner. Please do not link to a non-official site that might display art without permission.
- A valid email address to the original artist or copyright owner in a case where she/he has no website.

We WILL contact them and ask if you really have their permission. If you don't provide the contact information we will delete the picture.

C) You may display fanart and other drawings that you have done using direct references from other images only if you have done the drawing. We understand that this is how most artists practise and go on to discovering their own styles and we encourage growth.

D) Artistic nudity is allowed, provided no minors are involved. Please note, this does not mean porn. Do not display anything sexually explicit, keep it tasteful.

E) “Free use” images may be inlined (But don't upload them!) in your description only if you provide the link from where you got them. 

You said “in your house.” Is the wiki different?

Yes, in the wiki you can inline animated GIFs and other free-to-use-images that you are not allowed to have in your houses. However, you are NEVER allowed to steal art, that is, take someone else's picture and claim it as your own. If it is a secret wiki-page (No link from your presentation or open forum), you can inline what you want. 

Well, that's all nice and good but what can I do about it?

If you find someone else breaking the rules, please use the "send report to guards" button and we will look into the matter. It is not possible for the Guards to keep an eye on each and every house and we certainly need your help in this.

Please do not send us messages saying we are unfair and we allowed someone to keep disputed material in their house. The rules apply to all. The only reason someone would have copyrighted images displayed there still is because no one has reported them yet. Do your part!

And do not make a big deal about guards making mistakes! Explain briefly with proof to them and everything will be fine.

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2006-02-08 [nokaredes]: Are these the same rules as the ones at Elftown and CatHug? So [Call Me a Tragedy] would be violating the rules....right? *eye twitch*

2006-06-15 [kittykittykitty]: Added something for stock photos :)

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