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2007-11-28 01:59:16
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Well... Friday the 2007-03-30...
Söder and Fredrik.
People at the juke-box.
Söder and drinking Helena.
Babes at the jukebox.
Annette and babe.
Emma and the C-guy.
And that would be [adde] and his two boyfriends...
Gustaf and Rikard
Elin and Daniela. (Holmis)
The dancing guy!
Spanish ladies!
Christina, Hedda and Isabel.
Isabel, Australian, Pavlo, South Dakota (Kyle).
Hedda and Annette.
OK, I suck at taking photos...
Yea, I SUCK!
Vladimir from Ukraine II (See esn28). And Hedda of course.
Isabel, Peter and Cristina, I assume.

/ [hedda]

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2007-04-02 [hedda]: Isabel and Cristina seem to be at a little too many places... Something is wrong here.

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