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Tuesday 2007-03-13, international evening.
They guy with the bigger camera!
The very nice chicken wok.
Germans... Caroline and they guy with the dialect...
Well... and Virena and Per.
Per, Jens and German guy.
Beer drinking Jens! As we know him!
Anja and Oxana with Vladimir from Ukraine.
And that would be Maslund. That's the guy taking breast-photos on esn25
No idea.
Dancing floor.
Guy, Adja, Dorota and another guy
Olle and [hedda]
Wonderful Mexican lady... Well, and some Olle.
And that would be the ladies from Armenia Nelli and Estonia (Julia).
Back at HerrgÄrn
Rok (Who's going back home in 3 days!) and guy...
Dance floor again.
Spanish girl and so...
Kyle and people searching for afterparty.
That looks like the gate at Ryds Alle ), but it says "29"?!? Oh, no! It's AlsÀttergatan 29 and it's Ali and Solunge (French)!
But that is Ryds Alle 9! At the top. Same Spanish girl and other people.
Yea, I'm BIG!
Couple and the Mexican guy.
The girl with my name on her arm (Lauris) and Coen.
Now you can see her arm! She'll use that number to empty my bank account tomorrow morning. Unless Coen keeps her busy or something...

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