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2007-03-26 19:39:36
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I had no pen this evening and my memory was of course generally gone.

<img0*300:stuff/z/1/esn9/p1010001.jpg> Ukrainian guy (Sergej), Gregory (Grisha) and Sergej.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/esn9/p1010002.jpg> Kristina, Artion and Gabriella.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/esn9/p1010005.jpg> Well... Choko's new guy ;)
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/esn9/p1010006.jpg> People outside of HerrgÄrn.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/esn9/p1010008.jpg> Joel and Shaslashan or something... Joel said it was approximately "Hassan". Actually it's "Hazrat".

See also ESN and ESN7.

/ [hedda]

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