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2008-06-01 07:06:13
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BBQ outside of RA 9.
Lilo was joining me. She really didn't like the crowds in the centre of Studentryd, but she seemed to get more and more used to it.
The gang.
Lilo is trying to pretend that she isn't so scared.
Linda [@fb1122695981], Aymeric [@fb771477581] and Alfred [@fb1189712207]
Lilo and Linda.
á¸Ĥenrietta and Linda
Michaela [@fb1122695981]
Emil trying to pat Lilo [@fb568665311]
Lilo is for some reason accepting to be lifted by Marlena [@fb1074830378]. It wasn't thanks to the food on that spoon though. Lilo is way too picky when it comes to food.
Lilo getting attack-hugged and part of the gang.
Michaela is doing her best to protect Rickard from the camera...
And Lilo still hasn't killed anyone... Marlena and Kornelia [@fb530186075]
You have to be faster than that to take a picture of Lilo.
She decided that my back is more comfortable.
Hedgehog and Lilo.
Lilo thinks the hedgehog is boring. Bye!

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