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2008-05-11 02:39:26
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Corridor party at RV3:208-215. Nice friendly pub-party without no bloody dancing! See also esn61 for the previous party!
Kuan Hung from Taiwan.
Olof [@fb519061930], Christian [@fb1113083815] and Katja
Miki [@fb717755753], Mattias [@fb651976760] and then the big smiling Jonas [@fb595176687]
Pierre [@fb567406912] and Lotta [@fb617740282]?
A very nice tasting Belgium beer that's not so strong. Fruity!

The people and the painting behind them.
Katja (Yet another friend of Christian from Dresten...) and [hedda].

And some blåbärspaj that's almost eaten. Very yammy! "Sehr mumsig!" wie man nicht auf Deutsch sagen.
Johan [@fb741328442] and [hedda]
Olof [@fb519061930]
Linn (?), Charlotte [@fb550990434] and Johan [@fb741328442].
Jennifer [@fb825029906], Laure and back...
Mattias [@fb651976760] and Sina [@fb618677112],
Miro, Cissi and [hedda]
Helena, Sanna, Sofie
Karl and the French guys visiting Morgane.
Karl and the French guys visiting Morgane.
Picture taking.
On those who take pictures of them.
French guy trying to speak the English language.

A stupid moron that is proving that he's a waste of space by trying to break the lamp in the background. Please send him back to his mother if you see him!
Carro's guy and some other nice guy.
A hedgehog being quite afraid of me, but he/she doesn't mind the camera.

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