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2008-05-11 02:04:09
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Friday the 2008-02-22, Corridor party at RA3:21x. Re-party!
Christian pouring the delicious RA3-wine from it's "bottle" into the honoured guest's glass. Sehr mumsig!
Maria von Dresden studying Swedish party culture.
They do have a nice picture on that wall. It's that black thing.
Milan [@fb647447466] and her champaign.
Sina [@fb618677112], Maria, Mattias and her...
The sofas.
Sina [@fb618677112] and Milan.
Jon's little brother and his classmate.
Christian, Maria, Celia and Mattias [@fb651976760].
Pär and Maria.
Some girls saying good night.
[hedda] and Oliver.
The scary bartender at Herrgårn's pub.
Daniel #1.
Daniel #1 and Hedda
It was schlager theme tonight.
Daniel #2.
I think there was a Patrik somewhere... But not on any photo, maybe.
Niklas, I think.
Daniel #3, Per and Nate, I hope...
Schlager theme dancefloor #2.
Some birthday balloons for Benny at RA9.

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