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Sehr mumsig = Sehr lecker!

"Sehr mumsig" muss auf nördlich Deutsch aussprechen werden...

OK, let's just pretend we don't know German.

"Sehr mumsig" is a common expression used by the "German" chefs Werner und Werner in a Swedish TV-sketch from the 80ths.

The main plot in their making of food is:
Drinking ein klienen ein (a small one, that is Ein Schnapps)
Saying thinks like "Sehr Lustig, Werner!"
Saying that it works just as well with celery (Swedish: selleri).
Saying that the food will be Sehr mumsig!

Of course, the small one has to be substituted with a BIG one when it's time for some heavy work, like cutting the head of the fish they are going to prepare. Cutting the head of that fish is actually about the only thing they manage to do except drinking themselves wasted.

The problem with Sehr mumsig is of course that it isn't German. "sehr" is correct German and means "very". "mumsig" is Swedish kid-language and means "yummy-yummy", and when it's pronounced in German (Like "moomsish") it sounds German enough to fool an entire generation of Swedes.

As we Swedes refuse to relearn the little German we have learnt, the only other option is to teach all German what "sehr mumsig" really means so that it becomes a part of the language.

Video with Werner und Werner:

How to prepare a fish:

And here is a video of a totally different episode, but with Werner und Werner:

And if they don't drink, it's just bad:

Werner und Werner diet food with Swartzwalttårta:

They even do it in "Danish":

And Werner's mutter and Werner's mutter:

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