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2007-05-09 00:55:01
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International evening at HerrgÄrn Tuesday 2007-05-08
[adde] working hard!
Wilma doing her "Yes, Mr God!" pose.
Benno written at the dart-board. He just left the picture though.
Fej-fej, Benno and Annika.
Some guy, Madina, Nelli and her guy.
Anton, Anja and Sergej.
Anton, Anja and Sergej.
Sergej, Oxana and [hedda].
Anja and Oxana.
Satan, Jesus, Angel and a monk.
Daniell the Australian explaining why Bavarian beer is better than Australian beer... It goes like "Bigger glass".
Dance floor at 01:30.
Dancing lady.
And the sexy looking guy not dancing...
The stage dancers.
Guy, guy, Erna and Moa... I vote that the male couple is the cutest...

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