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2007-02-28 02:08:39
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International evening at Herrgårn Tuesday 2007-02-27
I won over Lilith with 2-5 in 301 (darts).
Gordan "boozing" and Henrik smiling.
Adja and Mariana
Adja, [hedda] and Mariana
<img80*0:stuff/z/1/esn26/p1010006.jpg><img80*0:stuff/z/1/esn26/p1010007.jpg><img80*0:stuff/z/1/esn26/p1010008.jpg>Westmalle - The new trappist beer they got at Herrgårn. I think it's very good, but I have to try some more to be sure.
Tommy and Kia
Australian and Tommy
Australian and [hedda].
Dance floor in the end.

And who is the cutest girl?

For some reason
she isn't allowed
to enter Herrgårn

Yes, she looks a little sleepy because she was sleeping while I was at Herrgårn.

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