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2006-11-25 18:01:29
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International evening on Herrgårn. Some party at Herrgårn had a djungle-theme, but the exchange-students arrived late, but were pretty drunk when they did arrive after standing in the queue for a long time (even though it was pretty empty insite, I thought).
Lina and her boys-harem. She'll give me the names...
The gorilla-guy! It's actually not Pugo!!! Not even his costume.
Jan-Philippe +- spelling
Xing-Ping, Andrea, Emil and Lina.
I'm sure you can spell "Giam" better than me... It's him, but he spells in French. Guillaume maybe?
And the gang.
Olle, Andrea and [hedda]
Hot shots!
Egle and Jelena.

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