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Moa, Henrik, Sara and Gordan.
Moa, Henrik, Gordan and Sara.
Erna, bottle and Henrik.
Produce of France!

Yes, that is correct English! It is pretty French English, but it's still correct. "produce" and "product" is the same thing.
Henrik is taking a photo of [hedda].
Moa and Erna.
Moa kissing as usual...
Gordan making his entrance.
Sara doing the same.
Henrik making photos...
Our neighbours taking a photo.
That's better! Dirk, Olle and [hedda].
Olle, Daisy and Fej-fej (Chinese spelling...).
Annika, Olle, Daisy, Fej-fej and Dirk.
Polish and Latvian.
Indian from Hydranabad.
German (?) and Fej-fej again.
Carro, Julian and Mia.
Mia, eh (Jan?) and Carro.
Daniel (Australian) and some people on the dance floor.
Outside of Herrgårn
Nelli's guy Pär, Nelli, Madina and [hedda]
Dutch afterparty brought to you by this German guy... CC and rum.
Madina and Nelli.
Madina and Nelli again.

Movies: (These are really bad. I took them by accident as the camera for some reason started to record movies when I had the selector between "auto" and "viewing".


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