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<img300*224:stuff/d30/p1010001.jpg> Floren and Sara. And people in the background
<img300*224:stuff/d30/p1010002.jpg> Purjo and Lena. Fancy people!
<img300*224:stuff/d30/p1010003.jpg> [hedda] and Purjo
<img300*224:stuff/d30/p1010004.jpg> Happy guy...
<img300*224:stuff/d30/p1010005.jpg> AK and Veronica
<img300*224:stuff/d30/p1010006.jpg> Veronica and Norrby
<img300*224:stuff/d30/p1010008.jpg> OK, like it wasn't good enough, we'll do it another time: Veronica and Norrby
<img300*224:stuff/d30/p1010009.jpg> AK with boys...

There are more on esn1, esn2, esn3,l4, f4 and fat!

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