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<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010001.jpg> Zake (Something like Zechectqwth... Too many letters for a small mind!)
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010002.jpg> Zake, Therese, head and Anders
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010003.jpg> I-want-to-kick-you-out-guards and Kristina on a break.
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010004.jpg> They had a very fancy party upstairs on the dancefloor. The only thing that was missing was people. I wonder where they where.
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010005.jpg> The pub-bar was filled with people... So Bex was empty.
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010006.jpg> At least a guard ("VAKT" is Swedish for "GUARD") was guarding Erik and Jonas in the drinkbar!
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010007.jpg> In the pub it was crowded!
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010008.jpg> Lots of people!
After that photo I got strangled by a (cure) girl that was making out with another girl and thought that I took a picture of them... Which I would have loved to do, but I don't do such things without asking!
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010009.jpg> Cute boys... Karl and ?
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010010.jpg> Well... That would be Laurynas to the right.
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010011.jpg> Slova and Anton (Sorry, he hasn't got his first beer, so he's kind of sullen!)
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010012.jpg> Gena
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010013.jpg> Bad photo
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010014.jpg> Dart-players
<img300*224:stuff/f4/p1010016.jpg> Laurynas and Sergej and a part of Slova's and Anton's faces.

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