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Tore shooting the Skavsta Airport.
Peter, [Tore] and Pontus.
[hedda] and Pontus.
Peter eating some pancakes.
Kabata has a somewhat interesting logo... SS-approved?
A Riga duck.
Some nice food served by a guy in a monk dress in the Inn right next to the War Museum in Riga.
The wine I ordered on Kabata. 4 years ago it was a horribly bad idea to order red wine there. It still is! I have no idea if it's this wine that is so horrible or if they simply make the wine themselves because it tastes worse than any homemade wine I've tried.
[Nita] and the big Tea House in Riga where you pay big bucks to sit on pillows to drink tea.
The monk cellar seems to be called Pie Senaa. Or maybe Dzintara cella.
Piebalgas Alus. A beer with a special taste. At least I think so because I hate it, but others seem to like it.
Tore and Peter doing a Skål in Kabata.
Pontus doesn't really like Riga's Balsam... Like about 95% of the people.
We're landing on Riga's Airport.
View from the tea house.
Can you tell the difference between sweet champagne and cider without your nose?
Pontus drinking sweet pear cider at Kabata.
At the tea-house.
Can you tell the difference between sweet champagne and cider without your nose?
Peter and Pontus at the monk cellar inn.
[Tore] got some Absinthe, but can't figure out why he got it like that.
[Nita] meeting us at the airport and taking the buss with us to the town.
Our table in the monk cellar.
Another Riga duck.
[hedda] drinking beer in the monk cellar.
I have no idea...
No idea either.
[Tore] getting his fist kvas!
Tanks ouside of the WW-II museum. Or Great Patriotic War as it's called in Sovietish.
Tore and Peter somewhere...
We're approaching Kiev.
Our hostel. We were basically sleeping in the entrance hall, so it was mostly impossible to sleep.
Some art outside the WW-II museum.
Kabata... Scary place!
Entering Kiev.
The hostel's administration room.
The park outside the WW-II museum.
Pontus doing illegal stuff to the freedom monoment in Riga.
We're walking towards the WW-ii museum and you can see the Mother land statue.
The statue is big
[hedda] - the wolfrider!
The stairway to our hostel. It was smelling badly of cat pee, if you touched the walls, your clothes got extremely white, and then they painted the door, of course without setting up any sign, and it took days to dry.
The motherland statue from behind.
The motherland status from front.
Flying with Airbaltic from Riga to Kiev.
Peter got a really nasty looking black sausage. We guess that it's some sort of liver-blood sausage.
On our way to the WW-II museum.
Landing in Kiev Airport.
At the food court. Peter eating his horrible sausage.
The sun is shining behind the Motherland Statue.
Entering Kiev.
A very yammy cake I ate at the food court. Much better that Peter's sausage...
The Motherland Statue from the side.
The view from the WW-II museum and a tank.
The view from the WW-II museum and two tanks. 
WW-II monument and there are patriotic music playing from loudspeakers.
The front of a tank.
Peter, Tore and Pontus infront of a tank outside the WW-II museum.
Peter, Hedda and Pontus infront of a tank outside the WW-II museum.
Pontus doing a Carola-pose below the Motherland Statue.
The café below the WW-II museum. No sign or anything and the entire room is brown with some lamps broken. ½ litre of beer costs less than a euro.
Tore taking shoots below the Motherland Statue.
The bathroom at the WW-II museum.
The tanks below the WW-II museum.
Tore taking a pee at the WW-II museum.
[hedda] taking a stand.
The shit-hole at the WW-II museum. They don't get that many tourists, and I think we were the first that didn't speak Russian...

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/ [hedda]

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2008-04-18 [MrE]: w00t! hippie-stridsvagnar :)

2008-04-22 [hedda]: Damn, the photos are in wrong order because of the stupid Internet café!

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