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Orestez for Crew



Greetings and salutations, My given name is Glen Michael Whisler. I am currently a student at BBCC studying Botany and Biology. As of right now I'm merely taking preliminary courses.


My positions at other sites.

I hold positions on Elftown, Elfpack, Fake!, Musmakers, and Elf12:

- A Council member (EP, MM, E12, Fake!).
- A Guard (EP, MM, Fake!)
- A Harbringer; Asst. Editor (EP)
- A Contractor (EP)
- A Poet (ET, EP)
- A Badger (EP, E12)
- A Donator of Funds (ET)
- A Wiki Boss/Custodian (MM, EP)
- A Graphic Art Donator (EP, MM, E12)

I currently hold a priv 14 on Elfpack, Fake!, and Elf12 as well as a priv 13 on MusMakers.

Interesting Facts:
- I frequently volunteer at local Elemtary/Primary Schools, teaching kids about online safety.
- I am the Lead Audio/Lighting Technician for 6 years now.
- I am a member of the Student Council.


Hopeful Accomplishments

As I did at Elfpack and MusMakers, I would like to aid in building this site into a productive place. I am a master wiki builder and a capable graphic artist, as such I created the majority of MusMakers official wikis and all of the official banners.


If there is any other information you require of me feel free to ask.


If you believe I would be an asset to this site as a member of the crew, please leave your mark below.

1) [Firenze]


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