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Most useful wiki-page competition

This is a competition between wiki-pages, not persons. The reward is eternal fame and glory for all the ones involved.


§1 The wiki-page must be unique or clearly better than all other competing pages on the entire Internet.

§2 The wiki-page must be exported.

§3 The wiki-page should be possible to edit for anyone.

§4 The wiki-page must be of interest for at least some thousands of people.

§5 The wiki-page should be located on Linkmeet.

§6 The page should be about something that people search for.

§7 The page should be "Linkmeetish". That is anything from a list and reviews of the best bars in Barcelona to a list of where to buy books on the Internet in Belgium. But it's not Linkmeetish to make a list of the best porn-stars nor 4711 reasons why I love Orlando Bloom.

§8 The page should be in English or half in English. Well written Linkmeetish English, of course!

§9 The page must be updated. You might think that if your subject is something like it doesn't change much, but there is constantly more information added to the Internet, so you should add more links, images or even remove information that isn't useful anymore.

§10 You may submit as many pages as you want, but then you're required to hold a very good standard on all the pages. And remember that it's the pages who compete, not you.

§11 The deadline is 2006-12-03 (Same date every year).


One example is rydstider which contains information about when things are open in Ryd,Linköping (Sweden). It's quite useful for people in this part of the town, the other pages with similar info are either dead or have less information (but they are better looking...).

Another example is which is a list of Canadian Literary Agents.

Why compete?

Because you need the information that you put up, for example. By submitting it here, a lot more people will find their way to your page, and they will start to add information or otherwise help you with it.

I, [hedda], will help the page to get a good ranking, so that it can easily be found in search-engines, if I think it's good enough. That means that it will be known way outside of Linkmeet.

If your page wins, there will be links from this page and from <URI:start.html> for eternity and an entire year respectively.

I'll also hand out some extra Linkmeet-features for the makers of the best page(s).

Being known for a very good page, might give you a kick-start if you're about to go into publishing. [hedda] will do anything to help you because he wants get some advertising for Linkmeet for free ;)

Even if you're heading for a different career, Internet-pages can nowadays give you a pretty good side-income, even if it's just your hobby. Imagine that you still get a pretty big income from that page you started working on 20 years ago when you only were a kid... If you're the only creator (but not necessarily the only contributor) of the page(s) and it makes more than about §100 a month, I'm happy let you have that income, if you remind me (You can always move the content to a new place and leave Linkmeet's version unupdated and finally forgotten, so I'll surely try to make good wiki-pages stay.).

Please note that it's just dreams though. Creating something that good isn't easy! But there are plenty of missing information out there...

Some tricks

Links, images and tables!

Get people to help you! It's more fun, and it's needed to get a good page. An email-address so that people can email suggestions, might be good, unless you want to make the page editable by not logged in users so that they can comment on the wiki-page itself.

Remember that the page should have 1-4 very clear keywords. After that it should have plenty of keywords in the content (like names of places, people and so on).


I've talked a lot about "lists". But there are other things that quite possibly don't exist now. For example photos from your little town and of all the shops, a fan-page for some unknown rock-band or an extensive biography of some pretty unknown king. Just remember that the higher you aim, the harder it is! It's easier to create the best collection of photos from Bromölla, than from Saint Petersburg, for example.

Links to your pages

Nothing here so far...

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