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Kårallen is the student organisation's house at Linköpings universitet. The building has almost no 90-degree corners and looks like a coral (hence its name).

It's used for parties during the weekends (For example a KRAVALL) and for administration, cafés and restaurants during the days. On Fridays there is a pub open often at 14-18, see and on weekdays, Baljan is running a café, see

Kårallen is run by Kårservice:

And it's not a ship, but a castle: (Swedish article).

<img500*0:stuff/z/1/Linköping%2520in%2520May/CIMG2173.JPG> In front of Kårallen towards the B-house.

Some more photos: sommar-x-2006.
Linköping in May With indoor photos of Kårallen: <img300*0:stuff/z/1/Link%C3%B6ping%2520in%2520May/CIMG2170.JPG>

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