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Herrgårn is the student-pub in Ryd, Linköping where many students from Linköpings universitet go sometimes. Its homepage is and it's situated between Ryds Centrum and Gläntan.

See also party and Linköping Links.

You can find a lot of images from Herrgårn on fat and from Tuesdays on ESN

Outside winter photos can be found on hg_photos

Herrgårn's front in the winter

Herrgårn's front in the spring

Herrgårn by night (7th of December 2009)

Herrgårn in the summer (back-side)

The backyard of Herrgårn and the volleyball court.

And at Midsummer, they erected a May-pole.


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2006-11-30 [hedda]: Bara för nattredax: Rullstolsoffer med jättenalle i ögat

2006-11-30 [hedda]: Och ett orelaterat CC-gyckel: Fågeln

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