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Coping With Revision Stress



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Everyone hits moments of panic during exam time, but keep things in perspective and you'll stay in control.

Five Ways To Beat Stress

1) Organise a night out with your mates.
2) Put your favourite music on and pump up the volume.
3) Rent videos, order pizza and crash out on the sofa.
4) Go shopping and treat yourself.
5) Do some exercise or sport.

Under Pressure? Six Golden Rules

1) Stick to fulfilling your potential, not other people's expectations.
2) Ask for help if you need it.
3) Take time out and relax, it will pay off.
4) Focus on yourself, not on what anyone else thinks or does.
5) Remember, this is not your only chance to prove yourself.
6) Believe in yourself, you've got no reason not to.

For more advice and information about stress, check out the Exams section or read on for information on how to cope with the night before your exams.


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