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2008-05-23 22:30:13
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Thursday 2008-05-22, ölhäf (Sport beer-drinking) and Eurovision Song Contest semifinal 2 evening.

Preparations for ölhäf.
Linus and Peter
Dinning twins.
Beer! Oh, well... low alcoholic warm Pripps Blå.
Oskar and Mange showing us how to do it.
Like that! 
And that!
And maybe so...
[hedda] will try for the first time in 15 years!
And it seems to work!
Well, almost. Just a tiny drop.
[Tore] is häfving.
Seems to have gone well
The TV is on for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Semifinal 2.
Some girls outside.
Pretending to dance...
Lotta, Lilith, Helene.
Helene, Karin, Mange.
Caps! But with stupid rule-making rules, instead of the sane ones on
A short visit to Herrgårn to get some coffee.
Petter, Henrik, Annette.

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