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2008-02-23 02:18:21
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Ättestupan 2008-01-24.
Hard working at the computers!
Linus and [Discus].
Liza's backhead, Maria, Andreas at the bar, Marcus' back, Martin, [Peter], Lotta and Jacob. 
[Tore]'s stubby holder. It's at my place now.

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/ [hedda]

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2008-01-25 [MrE]: the stubby holder belongs to [Tore], wish it were mine though...

2008-01-25 [hedda]: Aha, OK.

2008-02-23 Peter: Finns det mer stupanbilder på linkmeet?

2008-02-23 [hedda]: Självklart. På VG juh!

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