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2008-02-09 08:11:46
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Västgöta Nation TexMex dinner
Well... That was a tequila, but it was drunk way before the camera got started.
Tore taking picture.
Rikard and Annelie.
Lilith and Mange.
Andreas and Elisabet.
Henrik, Martina, Henrik and someone else to the bottom left.
Mange and Lotta.
Henrik, Peter and Tore.
Linus and Henrik
So... The apple is totally killed. All that's left is the darts above his head. And his red eyes.
[hedda] and ... eh... Nicklas? I don't remember the name. Xing-Ping will fix...
[hedda] and Gonzalo.

Gonzalo looks just the same and totally different from Omar on esn20. It's very easy to confuse these guys because the are totally different and both from Mexico.


Next year's TexMex can be found on esn58

/ [hedda]

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