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2006-03-15 01:10:46
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A corridor party at Ryds Allë 19 on the bottom floor to the right.

<img0*300:stuff/z/1/g3ra19/p1010001.jpg> People trying to drill a hole in the concrete wall with a wood-drill during the party!!! There aren't words for how annoying that was.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/g3ra19/p1010002.jpg> Some guy and Tess and half of Sara
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/g3ra19/p1010005.jpg> And after a lot of drilling, the hole looks the same and nothing was accomplished. At least everything else was very nice afterwards, compared to the drilling.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/g3ra19/p1010006.jpg> This is a boring party...
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/g3ra19/p1010007.jpg> This is a rocking party!!!
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/g3ra19/p1010010.jpg> Linus hugging his bottle...
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/g3ra19/p1010012.jpg> You get this happy if you talk to [hedda]!
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/g3ra19/p1010017.jpg> Arne, some girl, Roberta and the back of Juste
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/g3ra19/p1010022.jpg> Arna and Anna
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/g3ra19/p1010027.jpg> Therese doing her first shift at the pub in Herrgårn, and she already wants to ban me!

/ [hedda]

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