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2008-03-12 16:29:46
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Li, Lukas and Sara.
Li getting smooosched by Sara.
Li, happy [hedda] and Sara
Axel and Christine.
Jafer saying "Hi!".
Cool badass Jafer doing a blond..
Oups, I though I deleted that one.
Christine, Jafar and [Teiksma].
And even more people....
The flashy girl way back there didn't get much flash on her :(
Christine, Stefan and Jafar.
Ksenia and Mehmed.
Judith [@fb1078653484], Marlena [@fb1074830378], Alan [@fb524661874] and Kornelia [@fb530186075]
[hedda] and Judith.
Beautiful Greek lady outside of HerrgÄrn. Some friend of Dimitris (See esn44 for example)

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2008-01-23 Jeff: Memorable pics wid Hedda and friends and I m still LOLzz....

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