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2007-11-06 16:31:56
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HerrgÄrn 2007-10-09.
First I ([hedda]) was at Nettan's place. That's Mamsell and Belsie. Two cats visiting her. They have just tore down my jacket on the floor.
People are cutting papers (tea-bag-papers) into really really small pieces. You know what that means.
Milicia drinking tea and Anna... Doing something else?
Maurizio, Laure, Jennifer and Darja doing her mobile.
Darja looking pale according to her. It's the guy's behind fault! Well, everyone wouldn't mind looking pale in that way!
Darja meeting Marion for the first time.
And with some hugging!
That wasn't even close to the first time we met...
Gesa - 26 years!
KogVetare - Blackish. KogVet had a party about who one would look like if they hadn't started that study programme.
Ninja and Nate.
Ninja without head!
An entire ninja!
Red guy...
Beer! It's red and looking great!
And now more grey...
Johan taking a photo.
Gesa is 27 and as you can see way more gray...
Dimitris, Marco and Panagiotis
Dance floor.
Without a flash.

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