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2007-09-23 18:10:17
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Herrgårn on the first Tuesday of the autumn: 2007-08-14.
Lilith and Marcus at Västgöta's bar.
It's called Ättestupan and is situated on Rydsvägen 252.
Gesa and another girl in Herrgårn's bar.
Zhenqi, Soofan, Ted, Jun.
Beer and cider drinking!
Jun taking a picture and Zhenqi ([Qi]) doing a face.
A very happy [Qi] discovering coca cola!
People and Bertrand in the corner.
German girl and Sofan.
Ted, Jun, Hedda and Zhinqi.
Joel and Dirk.
Kalle with an Affligem (and my Duvel)
Olle! Always there, always with his eyes closed. Looked drunk, but he was sober!
Arne in the yellow.
Rein and Joel.
Rein and Jan.
Caroline and Fedor (They don't stay here).
Lilo on her pedestal at [hedda]'s home.

/ [hedda]

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