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2007-02-14 01:16:18
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No beer for me this night! But I did manage to meet a lot of people fron esn20 and avoided to take more pictures of them.
Vaida who is here visiting after being here last semester, Lina with the hand in the wrong place and 2 girls I don't know.
That would be Ulli and the same. He's also appearing on blot2006.
Gena, Swedish guy (Erik?), Choko, and another Swedish guy-
And with Tomas.
Dance floor.
Xing-Ping is writing her name on the Swedish flag of the tall guy in Swedish t-shirt.
Vaida, Lina, Tall Guy and Xing-Ping.
Eh... That would be [hedda] with a girl that got caught in the crossfire.
Two French girls on their way home. I forgot my pen, so no names. (The one to the right is Oreli)
[hedda], redhead French girl and the guy with a pretty simple French name that I of course forgot (Pierre).
The photo-girl! She was way worse (better) than me!
Afterparty in a corridor.
No idea...
Great smiles!
It's very hard to aim the camera. I was aiming way differently.
The tall Dutch guy.
The tall Dutch Guy Coen and me.
[hedda] and Annette. Same shot as on vg2, but that's a semi-private page that was created after the KRAVALL 2006-10-05, 
Rok and the way too beautiful girl that distracted me so that I forgot her name.

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