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2007-04-12 21:44:55
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Half of Peter, Martin, Alexandra, Marcus.
Jens, Peter and half of Martin.
Lilith and Tomas the younger.
Andreas, Lotta, Annelie, Daniel and Linus.
Annlie, Daniel and Linus.
Peter, Martin, Alexandra, Marcus and Andreas' ear.
The garden!
Peter, Martin, Alexandra.
Andreas, Lilith, Marcus&Tomas, Jens behind the bar.
Daniel, Linus and Henrik.
Lilith, Marcus, Tomas, Jens, Anna, Henrik, Peter, Petter.
Lilith and Martina.
Andreas, Henrik and Anna. 
Alexandra, Martin, Lotta and Peter.
Anna's back, Linus, Anna and Martina.
Henrik, Anna, Maria's back, Linus' glasses.
Marcus and Petter.
Giv akt!

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