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2007-10-16 18:02:29
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Dinner at Jun's place and then pub at Ättestupan (VG) on Thursday 2007-10-04.
Linnea in action.
Zhenqi preparing food.
And now [Qi] posing at the stove.
Jun working hard in the kitchen.
Soofan helping out.
Soofan the chief!
Zhenqi ([Qi]), Jun and ½ of Soofan. 
[hedda] and Linnea.
Linnea doing her camera-smile.
Tore reading Russian erotic short stories.
And the happy audience! (Liza and [MrE])
Gabbe, [Asmodena], Peter and Jens.
Gabbe is thinking hard about the time when there were no knives and people had to cut their beef with cocks.
Tore explaining that one is too little, two is too much, so bundle two together and take them...
Yea, this is the booooring bar...
And now the happy bar! Notice how Linus isn't here anymore...
Yepp, that's the Russian literature! Collected from 1822-1870 or so. We still don't know what a "Littlerussian" (lillryss) is, but they and their wives tend to get soldiers' dicks here and there.

Update: "lillryss" is someone from Malorossia/Little Russia, an area in Ukraine.

Read more about the collector of these naughty stories on Alexander Afanasyev - He's kind of a Russian version of Brothers Grimm.

See also VG

/ [hedda]

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2007-10-05 [hedda]: Oupp! Seems like I'll keep calling Liza "Emma" after that black-rock incident. <img:zabuN-gif.gif>

2007-10-06 [MrE]: don't worry, I'll keep correcting you :-P

2007-10-06 [hedda]: Maybe it will be the other way around and I'll teach you how to mess it up... <img:mood11-gif.gif>

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