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2006-11-18 02:31:48
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HerrgÄrn is getting 20 years old! Well, not the building itself, but the student pub in it.
The party ballons! They are still there in the end evening, see below!
And the tiled stove is also decorated.
Nice prices! 20 kronor for a big beer, big cider or a glass of wine.
And free cake to the people between 21 and 22.
And people had party-hats.
And if you get a German guy a Belgium beer, he gets that happy! It's Jan.
Well, I just wanted to take a relaxed photo of them, because they looked to tense when getting shot just before.
And that's Teona!
And more of her.
And the gang.
And some photo-taking.
And the girls.
No... I look like that. I promise!
And all of them.
And the ballons again.

/ [hedda]

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