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2008-04-12 16:55:06
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The DömD ( competition 2008.
First a magpie nest being build outside my house. They just got started building it.
Västgöta Vikings. Right now in final!
Liza, Marcus, Lilith and Hedda
The hat-man.
A moustache and Västgöta Proqurator Alexander Hedman somewhere behind it.
A banana.
The teams and the scheme for how they be beaten by Västgöta Vikings and FBI 2.
The IT department.
Västgöta Viking's first judge. Only hit once...
Pricerunner's Team.
Lilith winning.
VI-Ling 2, soon to be beaten.
Our second judge.
The mean bad-ass (but fair) judge for the third round.
And now VI-Ling (#1) beat the dust.
Anette is having fun about an image of Lilith.
Tomas, guy and Sarah (Unknown team-name, Pirri purra party animals, maybe)
The party squirrel humping Lilith while she's winning yet another leg.
Our forth judge.
Micke walking around looking fancy.
Supporter and Svamparna.
And for the semi-final, we nailed the beautiful team "Sannas lag" (Sanna is the second one, unless I misunderstood her)
Sannas lag
And the happy other team that made it to the final.
FBI 2, if I remember correctly.
And the rest of the nachips ingredients.

See also FörDömd2008, DömDfinal2008 and DömDparty2008

/ [hedda]

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