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Coombeshead College


The People In Charge

Principal: Richard Haigh

Head of Post-16: Glen Smith


As Our college website says we are the largest comprehensive school in Newton Abbot and we have everything you might need at school until you are 19.

At Coombeshead we specialise in the media arts because we believe that the development of creativity is one of the essential components of life long learning and the basis for the future prosperity of the UK.

We believe strongly in the transforming power of arts in the curriculum, particularly their power to motivate and give access to learning for a wide range of students.

Our students are able to better express their views and ideas, more able to develop their creativity and enterprise, and explore fully the potential of their individual intellects. Those students who choose careers in the media and related industries will be particularly well equipped to do so but all students will have an excellent, inspiring and exciting education, whatever their future careers.

Primarily, we use the power of media arts and technology to promote social inclusion, particularly amongst young people, by creating a sense of belonging.

In this, our mission is to give people, particularly young people, access - access through the media to give people a voice and access to the media to give them understanding.


Coombeshead's aims

Our aims at the college are as followed:

1) To raise standards of achievement in each specialist subject through the increased quality of teaching and learning.

2) To extend curricular opportunities in the specialist subjects, including subject enrichment areas, out of hours learning, industry/business links and the relationship between specialist subjects.

3) To increase take-up and interest in specialist subject courses, particularly post-16.


Coombeshead Post-16

College House is one of the original old houses in Newton Abbot set in lovely grounds. Coombeshead College 6th Form Centre for Post-16 Studies provides an excellent base with a wide range of modern facilities to meet the needs of young adults preparing for the workplace, university and further education.

Courses Available at Post-16


Coombeshead Students Past and Present

Coombeshead Students Past and Present


How to contact us...

Coombeshead College
College House
Ashburton Road
Newton Abbot

Main Site - Secondary School: 01626 201800
College House - Post-16: 01626 201840


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