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2007-06-15 15:33:04
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Christina moving from Ryd,Linköping to Skäggetorp
Christina on our way to pick up the trailer.
This is the stuff we have to move.
Christina and the helper Hanna.
Fibbling with the door...
Doing stuff...
Christina's dad came at 15 o'clock and helped driving with the trailer.
The new flat. The bed and living room.
The kitchen.
The view from the kitchen window to the west.
And to the east over the big car park.
And to the north.
The cupboard was a little stained.
Christina with the cleaning wardrobe.
The hallway wardrobes.
The hallway seen from the kitchen.
The hallway seen from the living room.
The corner in the living room (It's the same colour as the previous and next image actually...)
The window with the paining in it and the window to the right is the flat.
And we were 15 minutes before 3 hours after we rented the trailer, so Christina didn't have to pay extra.

/ [hedda]

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2007-06-15 [MrE]: OK... NOW I know who you meant :)

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