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Written about Thursday 2006-11-09
Written: (4995 days ago)

Haven't I written a diary yet? I'm so darn lazy >.<

Hm.... college is fun :D I did uber-loads of maths today because we had a test (that was voluntary, but of course I chose to do it) and then regular math lessons :D It was awesome ^^

Then... philosophy <3 We had written about a society of our making, and I used a good few of Plato's ideas in mine ^_^

The class took some parts of mine out of context... mainly the kull on illegitimate babies and inept people :0 But I enjoyed the discussion, even though nobody wanted to live in my society (the most efficient) :)

It has been a very enjoyable morning, and now I have a free to play on the internet... that's all :3

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